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With over fifteen years of experience in practicing law, I, Lana Duhon of Lana Duhon, Attorney at Law, LLC, located in Lafayette, Louisiana understand the complex legal and emotional battles that accompany family law issues such as divorce, child custody, child support, spousal support, and community property. Because I understand that addressing these legal issues will have a tremendous impact on you and your family, I am committed to helping you and your family navigate through such difficult times with as much ease as possible.

At Lana Duhon, Attorney at Law, LLC, you will be met with compassionate legal advice and personalized assistance. I take the time to explain the law and educate you on matters regarding your case. When you leave my office, you will be empowered to make smart legal decisions and set goals based upon sound legal advice. Whether your goal is to negotiate to reach the best possible settlement or to litigate to fight for your legal rights, my law firm will work with you through the legal process and assertively advocate for you with your goals in mind. During my practice, I have assisted clients in negotiating to find positive solutions and reach child custody and support agreements, and community property settlements when mediation is possible. I have also assisted clients in litigating to protect their parental, financial, and property interests in divorce and custody proceedings when litigation is necessary.

It is my goal to help you and your families resolve your legal issues and move forward with your lives.

As a client of Lana Duhon, Attorney at Law, LLC, you will have effective advocacy and dedicated representation.

Areas of Practice:

*Family Law

*Divorce Law

*Child Custody

*Child Support

*Spousal Support

*Community Property

*Marital Agreements 

*General Civil Litigation

Location and Contact Information:

Lana Duhon, Attorney at Law, LLC

1201 Camellia Blvd., Suite 206

Lafayette, Louisiana 70508

Telephone (337) 504-5093

Facsimile (337) 504-5112

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